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Why I am a Low GI fan

Life is not fair. Three the most pleasant things in life at the same time give us hangover, risk to get a sexual disease or make us fat. It is not fair, is it? Can we do something about it?

We won’t talk about the first two today 😛 But I am going to share with you a secret how to enjoy food, still having late dinners and not gaining any extra weight.

Once upon a time…

Since I was 17 I tried literally every single method to lose weight I could find.I started my journey with the “600 kcl. a day” crash diet. After 4 month I lost 17 kg and reached my long desired weight of 48 kg. At that time I was completely “food ignorant”. The Internet hadn’t yet reached my Siberian village and the information simply was not available. I didn’t know about carbs, fats, proteins, fiber…what effect does each of them make on our bodies? What is good?… what is not?… Mystery!

So, I managed to lose weight but was not aware how to keep it off. Twelve kilos were back within a year. I was not sure what to do. It was either starving myself or eating everything all people around me ate: meat with potatoes, dumplings, pies, pancakes, bread, etc. This lifestyle would never keep me on a “slim side” and I started trying every single “diet” I could find. My collection included:

  • Complete fasting.
    Its when you eat absolutely nothing for days and weeks. My longest one was only 8 days – sissy!  
  • A ZERO carb Atkins diet.
    You only eat fatty food. Sounds like fun at the beginning but after a couple of days the only thing you crave for is an apple or a tomato!
  • Hipnosis
    Oh, still remember this one despite it was really ages ago!. Once I found myself at the “weight loss group meeting”. After the course Guru told us the story why we had to consume as little calories as possible, he said that “a hypnosis” was a part of his programme. The”hypnosis” meant he would stick needles in our hands (between a thumb and an index finger), say some magic words, so that the new life rules would get imprinted in our mind forever. lol. I really didn’t like that idea. I told him I was really scared of needles and didn’t have a good feeling about what he wanted to do. He said not to worry. The moment he stuck a needle in my hand I fainted.
  • Only cottage cheese and cucumbers diet.
    Great stuff! I remember after 2 weeks of that I was already close to moooooing because of all the diary I consumed, instead of speaking a human language. Lost only 1 kg.   

And many more. Well, you got the idea. If you need a diet consultant, give me a shout and I shall be at your service.

Whats wrong with being on a diet?


Apart from:

  • you are constantly hungry and annoyed
  • you cant go for dinner with your friends and slowly becoming a completely unsociable thing
  • feeling pretty miserable

And the most important…whatever you do, whether you are reading a morning newspaper or creating a new space shuttle, you constantly have this background noise: “I have to loose weight..I am on a diet…oh just one more week to that wedding…” Or the graduation anniversary. Or your 30th birthday.

Where it all began 

10 years ago I found an approach that works for me. It is called Michel Montignac method.

Michel Montignac was an extraordinary chap. He used to be one of the top managers of Abbot laboratories, a healthcare company. Hanging out with clients and fine wining and dining was a big part of his job. He did not inherit a slim physique from his ancestors and his life style was perfect for gaining new kilos. At some point he got fed up with that and through his research designed a method that would allow him lose weight while still enjoying his gastronomic dolce vita. He called calorie-counting the “biggest scientific swindle of the 20th century”, because after a certain point a “survival instinct” leads the body to stop shedding weight and start storing fat instead. So, what was his secret? To keep enjoying food and lose weight the only thing you need to do is to… Keep the GI of your meals low.

What is GI?

Glycemic indexes measure the sugar contents of carbs in order to determine how they affect the blood sugar levels  after meals.

Why is GI important?

Carbohydrates influence the blood sugar level. Blood sugar levels are critical to losing or gaining weight. Once we’ve digested our food, the blood sugar that is produced makes our bodies secret insulin. Insulin is a hormone which, depending on the amount secreted, might or might not cause us to gain weight.

This sounds really complicated even for me despite I have being practicing the method for the last 10 years.

But it is very simple. For the beginning you have to remember three main NOs.

  • No regular sugar
  • No white flour
  • No potatoes

(I know it hurts)

Then, follow these three rules:

Find the substitutes for those above and replace them everywhere in your meals – whether you are cooking at home or eating out. Just some examples: Sugar is substituted with the healthier fruit sugar or agave nectar; potatoes with sweet potatoes or beans (depending on the dish), supermarket bread with a special low GI bread, a pasta sheets in lasagna – with the grilled slices of aubergines. It tastes absolutely divine.

Don’t combine fats and carbohydrates in one meal.
Steak with salad – good! (“Lipid” meal)
Bread with jam – good!  (“Carb” meal)
Steak + bread = bad! – this is exactly the case when Carb and Lipid meet and make your blood sugar lever sky rocket!

Vegetables being fiber go anywhere.

Keep a two hours break between your “Lipid” and “Carb” meals.

During the years I have being practicing a Montignac (Low GI) method I am always happy with the way I look and feel, and the last amazing transformation – I learned how to cook!

So, the benefits of the Montigniac approach are:

  1. You can forget about the diet stress and enjoy your food even more without feeling guilty
  2. You can learn how to cook the tasty and healthy meals – surprise your friends and yourself by becoming a little kitchen magician!
  3. The most important: Get rid of that background noise and focus on your space shuttle!

Ten years following The Method my weight is stable: 56 kilos (+-2). I am happy with that!

Thats basically it. For more info check here: Montignac official website or check this brief  Montignac approach guide I made for my friend Kam.

and the most important…enjoy! 🙂

P.S. 98% recipes here is Low GI and/or Gluten-free (see tags). The rest (well..only two!) are according to the Rules are there to be broken rule. 🙂