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Cooking from an Amateur for the Amateurs and not!…


I cannot say I was a rubbish cook before I turned 28. No. I just was no cook. I loved cucumbers with smoked salmon and crisps with the Dutch goat cheese…mmm Lovely! And of course I enjoyed Caesar salad in all the restaurants I happened to have lunch or dinner. And a few more things. But I never cooked anything myself in my life. I even couldn’t remember if the stove I had at home was electrical or gas – our relationships were going nowhere!

You might be surprised but I didnt see any problem here. It was all fine before I went “back to school” – to the University at my respected age of 27. The thing was that the whole group of us, students, – new friends -happened to fall in love with each other and we literally couldn’t spend time separately. Thats where the tradition to have dinners together came from. (Ana, you started it!). It worked like this: one person cooks and invites the rest to his/her kitchen to share a meal (accompanied with loads of laughter, sprinkled with wine, and spiced with jokes!). It was all going great until it was my turn to cook! I decided it would be a chicken curry. Luckily I managed to get curry from the shop, but rice was still to be cooked!

To cut a long story short. It was a complete disaster. I tried to boil it a few times – in a bag, without a bag, using different “recipes”  I could find on-line – it was a complete mess! I had to phone my dear friend Alenka and ask to come and rescue me.

So she did. But that was a first kick to realise I couldn’t continue like it was if I want to be a sociable thing.

I bought a beautiful notebook for recipes to motivate myself and asked my friends to give me some – so I could start practising.  Thats how I started.
The list of dishes I could cook was growing, my friends started asking me to share the recipes with them (who would have thought!).

May be the secret is I repeatedly cook only the dishes I find “Amazing” – the dishes that surprised me by the taste and I found them So tasty that sometimes even wanted to cry! (yes it happened to me when I tried Caponata the first time!) crazy, man!

I decided to keep my amazing recipes in this online blog-cook book. Hope you will try and love them as much as I do!

I practice a Montignac  approach to eating. It means I want to keep the glycemic index of my  meals low. Almost all the recipes here are created according to this method.  If you would like to know why I am a “low GI fan” and want to learn more about this method, check this page.