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There are no starters in the Russian cuisine. As well as there is no small talk. May be this is due to the same reason – we like to go straight to the point without beating about the bush! (hehe)
But during the last a few years I’ve been living in a different country I have learned about both of them and really like them now! 😀
Appetisers is like a foreplay in love when you are enjoying and getting excited looking forward to smth more 🙂


Melanzane alla Griglia

(Grilled aubergines)

Total cook time: 30 – 60 min (depending on a quantity of aubergines and the quality of a grill pan you use:)

Before you start make sure you have:

  • Aubergines
  • Salt
  • Garlic (chopped)
  • Olive oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • a few mint leaves

Slice aubergines. The slices have to be approx. 5 mm. wide. Cutting the aubergines

Sprinkle them with salt and leave for 30-60 min to release the water.

I usually put them in a “standing” position:)  using a tall sauce pan. You can also use a chopping board, just make sure one side in higher than the other and the water can flow down.

Put your good proper heavy grill pan on fire. It must be very hot before you approach it with your aubergines!

Wipe the aubergines properly.

Put on a hot grill and leave for a minute before you start checking if the are getting ready by lifting them and looking at the downside:). ATTENTION. No oil is used at this stage! But the secret is: nothing gets stuck to the pan if it is really hot and you dont start disturbing whatever you grill straight away.

When you see the slices become stripy as the marines t-shirt – its time to turn the around.

Once the aubergines are done from both sides you take them out and let cool down while grilling the rest.

Now take a plastic container and put a layer of aubergines on the bottom. Cover with olive oil and sprinkle with finely chopped garlic and balsamic vinegar. Add some mint. Another layer – olive oil, garlic and balsamic, mint. And so on.

Attention! This is exactly the case when LESS is MORE! Be careful with garlic, balsamic and especially mint – put literally “some”, a little and later add if you think it is not enough. The only ingredient which cannot be “too much” in this dish is Olive Oil! Yes you can cover the aubergines “with the head” 🙂

Keep in the container, serve on a plate. Or on a piece of grilled bread – it will become a bruschetta!


* After you’ve made it a few times and know the taste quite well, try a bit different recipe:
from the above list minus (-) garlic and plus (+)  finely grated zest and juice of one lemon and 1-2 teaspoons of sugar.
Let me know what you prefer!! 



If you haven’t been to heaven for a while – make a Caponata and you will go straight there! (guaranteed)

here is the CAPONATA recipe I use:

  • 2 large aubergines cut into large chunks (if small – will absorb the oil too fast)
  • dried origano
  • one red onion finely chopped
  • 2 cloves of garlic finely chopped
  • a bunch of fresh parsley
  • 2 spoons of salted capers
  • a handful of green olives (stones removed)
  • 5 large tomatoes roughly chopped
  • tomato concentrate (3-4 table spoons)
  • herb vinegar

Preheat a large pan with some olive oil. Add aubergines and oregano, salt and toss around (the aubergines have to be covered with the oil). Cook on a hight heat for 5 min. When the aubergines are golden, add the onion, garlic and parsley. Cook for another 2 min. Fell free to add more oil if you see it is necessary. add the capers (rinse them before – they can be too salty!), add the olives and (!) herb vinegar! I didnt have it so I used a white wine vinegar – still came out great! In a couple of minutes add the tomatoes, tomato concentrate and simmer for about 15 min till tender and all the tastes blended together. Taste and add more salt, pepper, or vinegar. sprinkle with olive oil and a some chopped fresh parsley.

Eat warm, cold, on a bruschetta…BUON APPETITO!! 🙂


Peperoni alla Griglia


  • Peppers (yellow, red)
  • Salt
  • fresh parsley chopped

Preheat the oven. Put peppers (as they are! no cleaning!) on the tray  and put in the oven. Take them out only when they look very sad, wet (the water comes out) and the skin is black.

We need to get rid of the peppers’ skin. To make it easier I normally put them in a plastic bag for a while

Try and if the skin can be taken off easily, take it off all the peppers. Slice the peppers. Or better tear them with your hands in stripes.

Put them in a plastic container. Add salt, parsley  and olive oil. I usually cover them with the head 🙂

They are amazing! Bon Appetito!!

P.S. I know Italians wouldnt like that (it is against the law to play with the food in Italy) but instead of parsley you can add dry oregano!! I love it!! 


One thought on “Starters

  1. Darling, we have starters. My mother’s family always had starters – they lived in Moscow – I can remember it very well. But my father’s family hadn’t and I think that is because they lived in the country and they really were not wealthy and used food not to indulge themselves but to feed as much as they could 🙂 And nowadays I know different habits – some families always have starters on the table (let’s say some salads or herring, or different salt stuff, etc) and some – always start with soup and do not need starters ))

    and btw… I agree with you on small talks 🙂

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