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Simples placeres


When I was about to write this post, it took me a while to decide in which category I should put it: “Wine”? “Mains”? “Dessert”? or..may be “Breakfast”?? Perfect for any!!

Here we are talking about the best combination on this planet: jamon + Manchego cheese + red wine = simples! Or simples placeres (/simples platheres/ – as the Spainsh say). If you are depressed, frustrated, pissed off, tired or upset, this will make you appreciate life again within minutes! If you are happy and satisfied, a bite of manchego and jamon, followed by a sip of a wonderful spanish wine will put a smile on your face and will be a confirmation that it was STILL a good thing to be born on This planet!

That night I felt like I needed some love.

I stopped at a cosy little wine&cheese shop and, to my pleasant surprise, found an exceptional selection of wine there! A few days before my best friend Ana Fernandez Marin brought me some jamon from Spain. The

thought of that made my mouth water. I automatically moved to the shelf labelled SPAIN. I like Spanish wine (Tempranillo and Garnacha are the most popular types you will find in the shops). However, sometimes the taste of these wines is too strong for me (too much tannin!). A new label caught my eye – PACHECO, 2009, 14% alcohol (dangerous;-),  produced in Murcia – exactly where Ana is from! And, most important, interesting grapes combination: Shiraz and  Monastrell…I am curious now! Price: £8.99. I grabbed it without hesitation (lets see!).

To make a cheese choice when Manchego is on the menu is a piece of cake. In the basket. Called Alberto and asked to take jamon out of the fridge (you have to keep it in a warm place for some 15 minutes before eating. When warm, the cheese releases all the aromas and  tastes better than just out of the fridge).

Without further ado, my dear ladies and gentlemen, that  was THE feast! The wine turned out to be absolutely fabulous! It was a perfect match to manchego and jamon, very easy to drink (despite 14% alco), smooth… we were totally in 7th heaven!!!

You can buy PACHECO 2009 online here. Check Borough market for manchego and jamon and… enjoy the true and simple pleasures! 😉

To find out about the wine sold in the UK click here.

If you want to start learning more about wine,  find some tips here.

I will repeat once again: Life is too short to drink bad wine! Puurrr 🙂


4 thoughts on “Simples placeres

  1. You’ve just inspired me to have a glass of wine, but we have no manchego or jamon !

  2. Ooh so you finally found Jumilla wines 😉 cheese + jamon + wine = simples placeres!!

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