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Lemon Zest


What goes through your mind, when you see in the recipe: “a zest of one lemon”? Every time I used to see this line I used to start swearing (to myself), knowing in advance that request was a pure Utopia! To get a lemon zest seemed to me a task similar to milking an ant! Aggrrrr! So much effort and the result almost close to zero. Not Gut.

One day I was grinding coffee and thought: “Mm, I think it is a Lemon Cake time!” And at the same time I had my Newton moment and realised that I could try to make a lemon zest with the help of my coffee grinder! Genius! Now look what happened.

1. I peeled the lemon skin off carefully.

2. Put it in the grinder.

3. Pressed start and after a few seconds….

here is the result!!

It is a very easy way to make lemon zest, it made my life so much easier! And the best bit – I freeze my zest in a little plastic box and use it any time I need it!



3 thoughts on “Lemon Zest

  1. Genius! I can’t wait to try it.

  2. wow. this is so much easier than grating. thanks!

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