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Georgian wine: Bagrationi

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“P-A-M! Ufffff..” – Bagrationi speaking!

A few days ago we had a reason to celebrate. I put Bagrationi in the fridge. Not like we need a “reason” to have a glass of sparkling, but it happened that Bagrationi “survived” until this special occasion. Tadaaammm time to open!

First of all, it was quite hard to do it! We had to play with the bottle for a while until we managed to! “The opening” was really loud! The way it should be, I thought 😉

Got the glasses from the freezer, filled and… MMMMM…  What a lovely smell!! Happy, fresh and nutty! Incredibly pleasant “bubbly” taste! I absolutely loved it. Professional describe it like this: “Light and enticing nose of baked lemon pie and a dash of almond. Superb balance and an elegant mouthfeel with simple and pure fruit. Medium-long finish.” (Well, they do have a great imagination, those professionals! hehe)

This bottle of Bagrationi Reserve Brut was made in 2007 It combines Chinuri, Tsitska and Mtsvane grapes from the Kartli and Imereti regions of Georgia.

It was an increadibly pleasant experience. I’ve been craving Bagrationi for the last a few days since I tried it and I think the new “georgian wine” order is to be made soon!

Try it an tell me what you think!

Chin Chin 🙂


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