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Georgian wine: Tsinandali

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Another bottle – uncorked. And …. mmmmm  – my second wine feedback (descriptive enough, init?:)

I am continuing my Georgian wine saga I started with the gorgeous MUKUZANI. Now it is the turn of Tsinandali – a dry white wine. It is made from a blend of Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grapes and comes from the Telavi and Kvareli area of Kakheti.

The sources say this wine is fermented at cool temperatures and matured for two to three years. They say Tsinandali can be aged for a further five years, however, it is recommended that the wine be consumed within the first two years.

My bottle was produced in 2005 and …. bottled (?)  in 2007, so almost 5 years…I guess it was the right time to drink it! 😛

My main impression is …. an amazing apples smell. It took me back to my childhood when I could bury my face in the basket full of apples picked in my grand dad’s garden…mmmm!  Other characteristics: very pleasant taste, easy to drink, light wine.

Nice with cheese and “fishy” dishes.

Produced by Teliani Valley:


And here is an amazing Georgian dance for you! 😉


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