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Georgian wine: Mukuzani

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This is my first Georgian wine feedback. I promised earlier I share my wine experience and here you go!

I ordered a six bottles box of wine from the Georgian Wine Society last week.  At that time my main emotion was curiosity. Now, one bottle later, I am surprised, amazed  and … incredibly pleased with my decision and experience!

But first a little excursion in the georgian wine world. When I told my  Italian husband that I was ordering Georgian wine he said: “What? Georgian? Why?” Obviously, for Italians, everything that is NOT Italian is not good enough: shoes, clothes, food… and especially when it comes to wine….wine must be Italian – no question about that! To be fair I have to say they are often right…;) But here it was my turn to show (off) my erudition: “My dear, actually Georgia IS the motherland of winemaking! They started as early as 80000 years ago – the first on the planet!” 😛

I think I had tasted Georgian wine only once – in my early years – and the only thing I remembered was  that it was sweet, like a church wine. It was my only experience. Unfortunately Russia and Georgia are  not the best friends these days 😦 and as a result the Georgian wine is not welcome there any more. When I discovered this wine here in the UK I decided to order a few bottles and finally find out what this wine is about. I got:

  • Bagrationi Reserve Brute (Sparkling white)
  • Tsinandali (Dry White)
  • Napareuli (Dry Red)
  • Khvanchkara (Semisweet red)
  • Rkatsiteli (White dry)
  • Mukuzani (Red dry)

Last night it was time for a MUKUZANI one to be tasted.
The bottle said it was produced in 2004 and had aromas of “ripen wild cherry, almonds and vanilla. Lets see…

When I smelled it the first time I said:


The smell of this wine reminded  me about one absolutely gorgeous wine I drank in the south of Italy, in Salento: a blend of Malvasia Nera and Nagroamaro. Because this wine doesn’t exist in London I never even hoped to get anything similar before I am in Salento again.

Despite my (basic) wine education, I have difficulty to describe the characteristics of wine. But I will try.

MUKUZANI is a 13%  wine with a deep red colour. It has a very strong pleasant aroma (If they produced a perfume with this smell, I would be the first to buy). I would call it a smell of ripen fruit.  It is so amazing that you just cant stop smelling and almost forget about drinking :-). I would also describe this wine as medium bodied with the medium tannins. It simply means that the wine is not very heavy, quite easy to drink. What is tannins? Tannins is some component found in the grape’s skin and seed. To get a better idea, bite a grape seed and you’ll have a “taste” of tannins in you mouth. In some wines is can be a bit “too much”, but in MUKUZANI tannins is just perfectly balanced. One more thing. There is a sediment at the bottom of this wine. You dont have to worry about it – it is normal for the wine that have been aged to many years.

This wine is produced of Saperavi grape in Mukuzani – a wine place in Georgia. It is aged in oak casks for at least 3 years.

I have a feeling some Georgian cooking is coming to accompany these gorgeous wines! 😉


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