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Your cast iron grill pan

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A good cast iron grill pan is your best friend in the kitchen.

Invest your time to choose a proper one: very thick, heavy and ribbed! Like this one ! (***it is not a paid advertising***)

Many of  the cast iron pans have a “seasoning coating”. It means there is no need to use oil for cooking. Sometimes I use the olive oil spray or apply a thin layer of olive oil with the paper towel (usually I do it for fish because it is more “sticky”. As a result, the meet, fish or vegetables become “grilled”, not “fried” – much healthier and as tasty! My pan is very old and well used. I am afraid all the “seasoning coating” has been washed off, but I dont see any difference.

Tip 1:

There is absolutely no need for oil if you preheat it well. Start cooking only when you grill pan is well heated!

Tip 2: 

Once you put your piece of meet, fish or vegetable on a pan, dont start “disturbing” it straight away, checking “how things are on another side”. Just leave it for 2-3 minutes. It will get cooked on this side, get dryer or release its juices (depends on what you are cooking) and you will be able to flip it over easily.

Good luck!


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