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Grilled Courgettes or Zucchine alla Griglia

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Here you go! Another very tasty and easy-peasy to make starter!

As many Italian traditional starters it involves:

  • simple vegetables – courgettes in this case. The number is up to you. I usually make quite a lot (3-4 large courgettes and then keep them in a plastic container in the the fridge)
  • a good cast iron ribbed grill pan (see the cooking tips section)
  • salt
  • dry oregano
  • balsamic vinegar
  • and…loads of olive oil!

Preheat your grill pan. It must be very hot.

As the courgettes are usually quite long, cut them crosswise in half first. Then slice them longwise into thin slices (approx. 5 mm).

Put the slices on the red-hot grill pan and dont touch for 2-3 min, (if you start moving them too early, they will stick to the pan).

Attention: no olive oil is involved at this stage!

After 3-4 min, flip the slices over. They will be “stripy”. Let them get their stripes on another side.

After they are ready, remove the courgettes from the pan, leave them to cool down. Put the next courgettes crew in the pan.

Carry on until your courgettes are finished.

After the slices cool down, put them in a deep container.

Add a generous amount of olive oil, good amount of salt, sprinkle with dried oregano and balsamic vinegar.

Eat in a salad, in a sandwich, just like they are…

Buon appetito!!!


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